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School Advisory

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Participation and acknowledgment of the interests and needs of each segment of our school community is at the core of the decision making process of the school administration. The pastor, Father Fergal McGuiness, and Principal, Ms. Olivia Brazil, as school administrators, actively seek and encourage participation and input from all segments of the school community. Consensus building at St. Apollinaris Catholic School is a strong component of building a faith filled community.

School Council

The purpose of the School Council shall be to provide advice and assistance to the Pastor and Principal in establishing goals which shall direct the operation and planning of St. Apollinaris Catholic School, subject to such rules and regulations that precede from the Bishop through Canon Law and the corporate structures of the Diocese and the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools and Diocesan Catholic School Department. The School Council can be discontinued at any time at the prudent wisdom of such authority. The School Council shall support the school in the following areas:

  • Mission Effectiveness and Catholic Identity
  • Development/Long Range Strategic Planning
  • Facilities/Safety
  • Community Relations/Marketing
  • Parent Engagement

Finance Committee

St. Apollinaris Catholic School has a Finance Committee composed of the Pastor, Principal, Parishioners, School Parents, and community members. These members review the school's financial reports quarterly and make advisory recommendations regarding the financial sustainability and future direction of the school in terms of finances.

Both the School Council and the Finance Committee meet quarterly.