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Tuition & Fees

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FACTS Tuition Management We use FACTS as our tuition payment system. To create an account please follow the link

  • St. Apollinaris Catholic School strives to keep tuition affordable in comparison to other Catholic and local private schools.
  • St. A’s provides two tuition plans: Cost-Based Tuition and Active Catholic Parishioner Tuition. Cost-Based tuition for each student is $11,350. Active Catholic Parishioner /Multi-Child discounts are given to support our Catholic families. Those families must meet the requirements below. The cost difference between these plans is partially subsidized by MERCY fundraising/participation obligations/SCRIP.
  • The purpose in obtaining the Active Catholic Parishioner Tuition discount is so that families are encouraged to make St. Apollinaris Catholic Church their spiritual home, and for their child(ren) to complete their Catholic education with the spiritual formation that will be the foundation for their lives.
  • In order to be deemed an Active Catholic Parishioner at St. A’s
    • One parent must be a baptized Catholic, active in the faith life of the parish.
    • The child/children must be baptized in the Catholic Faith.
    • The family must be registered in the parish.
    • The family must attend Sunday Mass regularly at St. Apollinaris Catholic Church.
    • The family must support the parish financially, by utilizing the weekly donation envelope system or the WeShare Giving
  • Catholic families who do not maintain active participation in the Church will receive notification and be changed to Cost-Based Tuition.
  • Active Catholic Parishioners outside Napa County must provide a letter from their pastor with the qualifying information above to receive the Active Catholic tuition rate.

St. Apollinaris Catholic School Tuition Rates 2024-2025

Active Catholic Parishioner Rates TK-8

Child Amount Family Total
1st, $8,950 $8,950
2nd $8,070 $17,020
3rd $8,070 $25,090
4th $8,070 $33,160
5th $8,070 $41,230

Cost-Based Tuition TK-8th Grade

Child Amount Family Total
1st $11,350 $11,350
2nd $11,350 $22,700
3rd $11,350 $34,050
4th $11,350 $45,400
5th $11,350 $56,750


SCRIP is a fundraiser for the school and helps subsidize the difference between actual cost and tuition paid

  • Families have from May 1, 2024 through April 30, 2025 to meet SCRIP obligations
  • Each family has a SCRIP profit obligation of $450
  • If a family chooses to not purchase SCRIP, there is a $650 SCRIP buy-out fee due with registration

Parent Participation Requirement

By registering your child(ren) at St. A’s, you become part of a community in close relationship with the school. Each family is required to donate 30 hours of volunteering in the St. A’s school community. Five of your volunteer hours must be completed at either the Crab Feed or the Gala. Families who choose to buy-out of their Parent Participation Requirement will be billed $700 by September 3, 2024 for 25 of the hours. Five hours must be contributed to the Crab Feed/Gala and may not be bought out. Families who do not complete these 5 hours will be billed an additional $500.

Tuition Delinquent Accounts

  • Tuition payments are due on or about the 1st of each month and are paid through FACTS.
  • Families will incur any/all fees that are associated with rejected payments.
  • Families who are experiencing difficulty in making tuition payments must notify the school bookkeeper and principal regarding tuition payments.
  • Families who fall behind on tuition after one month will not be able to bring the student(s) to school until the account is current.
  • Registration and Student Fees are non-refundable
  • The Roman Catholic Welfare Corporation, a California nonprofit corporation acting by and through St. Apollinaris Catholic School, may exercise any remedy for collection of past due tuition and school fees. In the event of any default by Parents in the payment of tuition or school fees, should legal action be taken to collect those fees, Parents agree to pay all attorney’s fees and court costs incurred in collecting monies due under this Agreement.

Registration and Additional Support Fees – due at the time of registration

  • Annual FACTS fee of $55 per family agreement - paid to FACTS
  • Registration fee $320 per child
  • Instructional Materials fee $365 per child
  • MERCY fee $25 per student
  • Class fee $25 per student for class parties/activities
  • First Communion (2nd grade) fee $65 per student
  • Confirmation (6th and 7th grade) fee $110 per student
  • School Graduation fee (is not part of class graduation fees) $100 per student