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Parents as Partners

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The administrators, faculty and clergy at St. Apollinaris Catholic School maintain strong partnerships with our parents and school families. We believe that these partnerships are vital to carrying out our school mission, which is to foster a community of students who are Spiritual, Scholarly and Committed to Service.

Parents are present and involved members of the St. As community. From assisting staff with the morning drop-off line, to volunteering during hot lunch, to assisting teachers in the classroom and organizing and staffing our major fundraisers, parents play important roles in the day-to-day workings of our school.

Our teachers also depend on parents as important partners in their child’s education. Parents are asked to keep abreast of school news and classroom updates, assist their child with homework and school projects and keep in communication with teachers about the child’s progress in each subject matter. We believe that students are able to reach their full academic potential when the school and family partnership is strong and active.